Monday, 16 January 2012

Update from Friday's Sketching

Had a good day's sketching on Friday with Rona, Mary, Mhairi, Kairen, Elspeth and Lel.  Have been a bit too busy since then to update the blog, but here we go....

We met at the Museum, and some of us sketched indoors, some out-of-doors (it was a beautiful sunny day, but somewhat cold).  I did a mixture of indoor and outdoor sketching.  Here are the results.

All sketches copyright Aileen Grant
Bit of a mixed bag.  I was able to sit and sketch the petrol pump in a little quiet corner of the museum, so that's why it looks better developed than the other sketches.  The outdoor sketches were done quickly as I needed to keep walking around to keep warm.  I wanted to grab some sketches of groups of people and some Edinburgh buildings.  I want to see where this might take me this year.

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