Saturday, 2 March 2013

A few wee sketches

Such a beautiful day today.  Dragged Peter out for a walk.  Went down to Dunbar and West Barnes.  I think it must have been on my mind after working on that residency submission to North Light Arts this week.
 In any case, with the exhibition coming up in less than a week, I thought I ought to do some island sketches.  The Bass Rock was looking pretty good, so I had a go at that in pastel.

The Bass from Belhaven Sands
Had to use pastel because the scene was so colourful.  Also attempted a sketch of the surfers who were out in force.
Surfers, Belhaven Sands
In Dunbar, it was the boats that caught my eye.  Did this charcoal sketch of a red boat in Cromwell Haven. 
Big Red Boat
Glad I remembered to sketch in a bit of context.  Sometimes I forget and it's the context that makes the picture.  I really fancy painting this and have taken a photo for colour reference.

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