Tuesday, 2 July 2013

Working Hard

I've been in the studio a lot over thelast week, working on a variety of themes. I do tend to get a bit distracted and so I've now written up a list of themes to help me keep focused.

One of my themes is messages from the past in the landscape.  For example, I realise that I feel drawn to crannogs and have sketched and drawn these before.  Ruined shielings are another relic of a past that has vanished.  Ruined cottages can be too. When we were last up north, we re-visited Wester Alligin and I did a quick sketch down on the shore, beside one of several ruined cottages and an old landing point. This week I have focused on this image which is also another view of Ben Damh (or Beinn Dhamh?).
I started in graphite
 Then added ink - looks a bit more dramatic!
 Then added more water, more ink marks and some sparing white acrylic
 Then more white acrylic and black and blue ink. I also added a tree in the building which I then got rid of.

So now it looks like this...I've tried to keep some of the paper shining through - white paper always looks brighter than the white acrylic. The current version is not as dramatic as the second version and it's not as loose, but there's lots on nice marks now. Oh dear...have I gone too far again?

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