Sunday, 15 July 2012

More Beachmen

Back in the studio on Thursday I was working on a few different pictures. 
Warmed up with a quick graphite sketch of Inchkeith.  Trying to get a little mystery and darkness into the image so have not included the Fife coast behind the island.  I did this from an earlier small sketch.  I will do a painting of this one of these days.
Inchkeith Again
Beachman 2
Then I thought I would add a little colour to the beachman pics.  This one definitely was an improvement (see previous blog), but I still need to work at the texture to make it sufficiently interesting as a picture.  I was very restrained about the colour - I think it has to be very subtle.  I also like the stance of the figure - it's not clear what he's doing.
Beachman 1
I did this similar treatment to the running beachman, but the colour is a bit stronger here.  I don't think it works so well (although I do like the purple reflection).
Why do I get drawn to this image?  Partly because I look out over the beach here at Fisherrow and see people walking when the tide is out.  They look so small against the vastness of the beach.  But maybe it's not interesting enough as a picture.  I'll keep thinking about this.

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