Wednesday, 4 July 2012


Back in the studio on Monday, trying to pick up some threads.  Found it difficult to settle down to paint.  The weather has been so bad, there's a feeling of gloom settling over us (despite being away in Tighnabruaich over the weekend).  I felt like taking on a gloomy motif, based on the men who dig for bait on the beach at Fisherrow.    So my first stab at this was in charcoal and looked like this.
Beachman emerging
The challenge with this motif is trying to get the feel of the large watery space - a slightly desolate feeling.  Need to have sufficient interest as a picture.   I do little sketches of people on the beach but this is the first time I've tried to do some sort of a picture. Have shied away from it.  Anyway, I felt that black and white - or monochromatic treatment - was totally appropriate.  So on I continued with acrylic and graphite stick.
Beachman emerging
There is a little colour in this, woven into the black and white approach.  I was really exploring the different textures I could obtain with paint.  This was now looking quite mysterious, but I wasn't happy enough with the feel.  Then the figure sort of took on a life of its own.
Beachman still emerging
Yes - he turned into a man running away.  I did like this better, but maybe I've lost some of the mystery?  However I have ideas now to turn this into a more interesting and atmospheric picture.  So I hope to start again on better paper next time I'm in the studio.  And I expect it'll still be raining...

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