Tuesday, 7 May 2013

East Lothian Sunshine Sketches

Looked up at the sky this morning and decided it was a day for sketching (oh - such freedom!).
So off to East Lothian to try and capture some iconic images on the best day of the year....

Spent most of the day in Gifford.  I focused first on the church, which I discovered is actually Yester Parish Church .

Pencil sketch, Gifford
 I walked round the back and did another sketch from the back of the building
Charcoal sketch, Gifford

The sun was still shining, so I returned to the hall.
Another pencil sketch, Gifford
 Then I thought I needed a change of scene, so went off to Haddington.  Managed to do a couple of quick sketches of the Nungate Bridge.
Graphite sketch of Nungate Bridge

Another sketch of the Nungate Bridge (oil crayon on coloured ground)
I thought that was enough for the day. Must get back into the studio tomorrow, whatever the weather.

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