Saturday, 30 November 2013

Here's the etching I've made from the drawing I posted last week - based on my favourite building block at the top of Cockburn Street. I used Raw Umber ink and natural-coloured paper to give it a sepia look. Actually the small image here looks better than life size - it's almost A4 in size.  I think it's a bit boring - a bit too 'straight' perhaps?
I did a couple of new etchings. A cherry tree image which I printed first in sepia (Raw Umber)
And then in a red-yellow mix
This image is based on a tree I sketched in St Andrew Square, while sitting in the gardens. I loved the set of the branches. I think I prefer the red tree. It's a bit more exciting and more autumnal.
After this, there wasn't much of the week left.  Thursday I spent in the kitchen - Look!

No, I wasn't cooking and I certainly wasn't doing the ironing. But I've found a better use for these appliances.
And then I finished off my prep.
To be completed at a later date, I think.

Friday was sketching day, for a bit of a change, and I met the sketching pals at the museum. I did these two sketches outside in the bitingly cold wind.

Must get more organised next week.....must finish a few things off.

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