Friday, 10 June 2011

Pictures submitted for end of term

                                                                             Picture copyright Aileen Grant
Well - it has been a couple of hard day's work. Yesterday in the studio and today at Leith. But I've managed to finish a couple of pictures and submit them for the end of term show (nothing guaranteed). I have finished off the "End of the Pier" - it's the one above - I made a few subtle changes -added a little light to the top of the pier and a little grey to the pier wall and the seaweed lines. It's's a very simple composition, but people seem to like it. I'm still not sure about it.
So now it's the waiting game while pictures get framed (we made the framing ready by painting lathes), and then there will be the consideration of te pictures by the tutors to see what there is room to hang - space is at a premium.
I haven't heard anything from Balerno, so I hope things are going well. I'm on duty tomorrow at 12. Fingers crossed that it's busy.

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