Friday, 22 July 2011

Black and white...or shades of grey?

Quite a good day in the studio today, even although I didn't really get started until the afternoon. (I had to move a shelving unit into the studio and it took longer than anticipated. But it has given me more space)
Anyway, having limited time, I decided to focus on black and white today. So this is what I did.....
This was the start - just in charcoal - a picture of the boathouse on the shore at Kishorn, based on sketches and a photo. So the next stage was this.
I added some oilbar to the charcoal to produce this. Then I did some more - adding more charcoal, and white acrylic.
 Then I thought I'd add some ink and more white acyrylic......
And then I added more ink and acrylic to try and finish it off. So the final result was this....I've brought it home to review it.
Boathouse, Kishorn Shore copyright Aileen Grant

After I'd finished this it was late afternoon, so I started  a sketch in pencil....'s the view from my studio window. Have been thinking about doing this for a while. It's a start.......

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