Saturday, 30 July 2011

Sketching in Town

Decided to do a bit of sketching in town yesterday. I was meeting pals in the Abbotsford early evening, so it seemed like a good idea. I started off in St Andrew Square which I think is so lovely now it's opened up - a real piece of planning achievement! Anyway, this is the pencil sketch I did while sitting on the grass, looking west towards George Street.
St Andrew Square Sketch
I thought I might have done a sketch from the top of Princes Mall (the old Waverley Market site), but there was a scaffolding up - the Waverley Steps are being upgraded. So I abandoned that idea, and instead trotted over to the Old Town. It was so busy, it was difficult to find a sketching spot, but the Mound was a bit quieter, and I found a seat at the old Bank of Scotland HQ - now the money museum - where I got a view over to Lady Stair's Close. I did this charcoal sketch.
I think this was probably my best sketch of the day, and there may be enough for a painting in this - but I'm not sure. Anyway, I walked around a bit more and found myself climbing up the Scotsman Steps. They have been beautifully restored and I could prop my sketchbook on one of the ledges. So I did a sketch looking down under the North Bridge, another charcoal.
I really loved that lamp-post - they don't make them like that any more. It is a beautiful cast iron lamp-post, and I know that my ex-colleagues in Edinburgh Cty Council work hard with Historic Scotland to preserve these. Coming back to the sketch, I think it is a bit indistinct which is a shame because I do think this scene has potential for a painting. Maybe I need to go back and do a colour sketch/study. Or I might be able to take it a little further from the photos I took.
Anyway, I enjoyed my skecthing session. Whether or not it will give me a good start for some new paintings remains to be seen. 

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