Friday, 2 March 2012

Fearnmore in the Studio

Today was my only chance to work in the studio this week.  I felt so happy getting back into the studio today, but it was not easy getting down to work.  I wanted to keep my momentum going on Applecross images, so after a brief review I focused on the image of the Fearnmore fishing hut.  I had spent a bit of time sketching the hut, and I'm thinking about doing a series of pictures of beach huts/shore buildings.  But we'll see. 
Anyway, I embarked on an attempt to capture the rawness and elemental feel of this quirky fishing hut.

Emerging picture of Fearnmore Fishing Hut
I used charcoal, oil pastels and graphite (with rubbings out), and also white acrylic.  But when I looked at this, I thought that the sky was too light.  So I darkened it with ink and charcoal in the next stage.
Emerging picture Fearnmore Fishing Hut

Hmmm.  Looking at this now I see a bit of energy.  At the time I thought it was a bit scrappy.  However, learning from earlier mistakes (!) I decided to set it to one side and do another version.  Slightly different composition and using different paper, and a square composition.  This is how it turned out.

Emerging picture Fearnmore Fishing Hut
There's good and bad about this and I suspect it's not there yet.  Maybe it's a bit tame!  Anyway, I've brought both pictures home to look and reflect on them. (They are really just studies.)   A slight complication is that Peter says he doesn't like these in terms of subject matter, whilst I really love this quirky building and want to capture it and what it represents in a picture.  Hmmm. I must develop my own's up to me! So that's another challenge.

I did a few other things and some finishing-offs, but all a bit disparate and nothing interesting really in terms of picture development, so any potential pics I'll post on the website (now that I can do this!).

I'm going to have to work on Monday, so I don't expect to be back in my lovely studio for another week....c'est la vie....


  1. Hi Aileen

    I'm really enjoying looking at your blog.

    The subject matter in this piece appeals a lot to me, so it's very much a personal thing. Some would rather not have the man-made 'spoiling' nature, some would enjoy the contrast.

    I painted a large corrugated-iron building on Ullapool pier. An amazing setting but not a 'nice' building, but I loved it's quirkyness - a word that you seem to use too. Here's The Pier -

    Anna King paints subjects that arenot typically considered 'interesting', but look how good they are -


    1. Hi Leo
      Thanks so much for your comments, Leo. I thought the hut was an interesting symbol of man against the elements (sort of thing). And I've always had a thing about corrugated iron buildings in Scotland. Anyway I love your Ullapool picture, and so does Peter. And thanks for the Anna King link. I like her pictures too.
      When are you starting your blog?