Tuesday, 27 March 2012

Sunny Applecross

Spent Sunday in Applecross, lovely day, but a bit hazy, almost sultry.  Did a few sketches in various favourite spots.

Applecross Bay Sketch
In Applecross Bay the tide was out and the sun was low in the sky to the west.  I love those beech trees on the south side of the Bay - they make me think of some of Nash's paintings of trees - however I was a bit nervous about trying to sketch them.  I don't think I've quite captured the essence of them here - I haven't managed to convey the featheryness of the carmine-coloured branches.  The beach itself is interesting - large stones sitting on a bed of small white shells - not sure if I've captured that either.

Further north on Applecross, the sun was shining on Shieldaig, although the Torridon hills behind were looking a bit hazy and indistinct.  I did a quick charcoal sketch.

Shieldaig from Applecross
Once I started this, I found I had to take the sketch over the two pages to try and capture the grandeur of the view.  I could have done with a bigger piece of paper.

Fearnmore Boat High and Dry
And down in Fearnmore I did a sketch of the boat I missed the last time I was there.  Decided to do this in ink.  Not really sure why I chose ink, but I used to sketch all the time in ink and it is quite good for giving the impression of seaweed.  I'm trying to draw more boats just to become more proficient at capturing them - practising really.  But this boat was interesting because it was high and dry - not sure if it would work as a picture.

It was so lovely to bask in the sun in Applecross.  Such a contrast to the weather a few days ago when it was cloudy and overcast.  However, in the spirit of sketching-whatever-the-weather, I had done this sketch down at Kishorn Bay.  

Overcast Kishorn Bay Sketch
At the time I wasn't very pleased with this, but looking at it now it does capture that subdued colour of an overcast day.  I was also trying to capture the sand patterns in the foreground.  But the tide was coming in a bit quickly and I had to stop.

As always, it was good to get the opportunity to gather a few sketches, and a bit of sketching made me feel better.   Especially in such surprisingly beautiful weather.

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