Monday, 7 May 2012

Continuing on

As this is my last day in the studio for a while, I thought I would continue in the same vein.  I had done a few little thumbnails using coloured pencils in preparation......

 I went back to the acrylic picture I had done of the Applecross Fishing Hut, reinstated the bright roof and darkened the sky.  So now it looks like this.
But my main purpose in coming into the studio today was to do some oil painting.  So I thought I would a little study of the fishing hut on a small piece of board.
I think the landscape composition works much better, and I quite like the colour in this version.  Also interesting to note how different it looks with the top of the hut just pointing up through the horizon (as in the graphite thumbnail sketch).  I think it increases the sense of isolation which is really what I wanted to achieve.  However, I have not abandoned the square composition, but I did decide to have a go at toning the sea down.
I also added a little shadow on the LHS of the hut and more interest to the horizon.  It's in a much more cheerful mood, and I do like the splashes of colour on the LHS of the picture.

I also worked on the Lochcarron Waterfront picture using the same palette of crimson, ultramarine, prussian blue and a hint of pale yellow.  I started with a small canvas and was very sparing with my use of the yellow.  I think this was my favourite pic of the day.
Anyway I graduated on to a larger canvas, but did not finish this next version - was getting a bit tired by this time.  I had run out of yellow too, and so it does not quite have the same colour balance.
Interestingly, I just cropped this picture wrongly by mistake and ended up with this next image.

I think this is actually quite a good composition - better than the actual picture.  A bit more abstract, I suppose.  There is an enigmatic feel to it which the picture does not have.  Peter says I should cut the picture up, but it's on board so I am reluctant.  Maybe it will be my next picture idea....

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