Monday, 21 January 2013

New Paint Colours

Back in the studio today after lots of distractions in the last few weeks.  Spent a bit of time with Rona organising our forthcoming joint exhibition, but then got down to work.  I was a bit concerned as I hadn't been in the studio for so long, and have lost a little momentum.  But I had bought two new paint colours and wanted to try them out.  Prussian Blue Pthalo and Olive Green - both acrylic.

I started out splashing around the blue in different dilutions - is is a lovely colour - and I added some Ultramarine.  It led me towards doing a seascape - was looking at the sketch I did near Ardaneaskan.

I carried on, adding in more colour - umber and burnt orange - but I soaked the paper a bit too much.  It ended up looking like this.

This pic is a out of focus and it's a bit of a mess.  The light was a bit dim and I didn't want to switch on electric lights.  So I stopped at this point.  For review (or discarding) the next time.

I didn't want to waste the day, and doing this painting had made me think of the Applecross hills, so I looked out another sketch from a while ago and made a start to another study.

This was a promising start.  I was back to my usual palette of Ultramarine and Carmine with some Burnt Orange added.  So I carried on adding colour but trying not to lose the relaxed watery-ness and looseness of the marks.
The may have some potential, but the light had failed totally now, so I packed up.

Next time I'm in the studio - Friday - I am determined to have another go at the pictures I started in Lochcarron - the oils.  It would be good to finish these if I can.

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