Monday, 11 February 2013

Only An Hour In The Studio

Had to go to the dentist today, so not much time for painting.  However, I still managed to get into the studio and do a little bit of experimenting.

I want to finish this oil painting that I started in December.
Bracken Field in progress.
Didn't have enough time to start in oils, and I don't feel clear about what I want to do to take this further. I just know it needs a bit more work.  So I figured I should do some playing about and practising, thinking about the mark-making and the colour before I go back into the picture.

Today with my hour in the studio, I managed to do this black and white study.
Bracken Field Study
I used graphite, white conte, rubbed out then added more graphite, PVA and acrylic.  Shall return to this exercise later in the week....Must get it finished in time for our exhibition!

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