Monday, 8 April 2013

Getting down to it

Today was my first full day in the studio for a while. Was determined to start something new. Also thought I ought to focus on an East Lothian view (thinking about pictures for the 3 Harbours exhibition at the start of June). So I looked out this sketch that I did a couple of months ago.
Sketch of Bass Rock from Belhaven Beach.
I made a start to the picture by drawing with graphite and white conte then doing some rubbing out.
Emerging picture 1
I decided on a palette of prussian blue, ultramarine, allizarin crimson and white to start with.  Using the colours in a very restrained way it soon looked like this.
Emerging picture 2
Then added more of these colours along with some ochre (I had wanted to use naples yellow, but realised that I didn't have any in the studio...)
Emerging picture 3
Then more of the same, making up a little green
Emerging picture 4
But I wasn't happy with this (maybe it's just too colourful), so I decided to apply some white acrylic on the roller to knock it back.
Emerging picture 5
This was as far as I got - just left it like this in order to think what to do next....I think I'll need to re-think my approach.....Happy Days!

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