Thursday, 9 May 2013

Focus in the Studio...

I thought I would carry on from Tuesday's sketches and focus on the Nungate Bridge.  Started by mapping out the composition out in charcoal.  I noticed in doing this that there are some good abstract values - the angles of the roofs matching the angles of the bridge and the repetitive verticals.  It's quite a strong composition.

After the first charcoal drawing I rubbed it out a bit then drew back into it, still working in charcoal. Improved the composition a little too.

Then I added a bit of oilbar followed by water and then some black ink.

Then I wanted to work on the texture of the stonework so used oil crayons in various colours and some red ink which I used on its own and also mixed with the black ink.  Also applied water spray.

I continued to work at the textures, including the water, also adding white acrylic, but then I was really not sure what to do next. So I stopped. 

 On reflection, I think I now need to go in with restrained washes to tie the picture together - aiming for a finish not unlike my Edinburgh Gables.  So we'll see what I can do tomorrow.

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