Monday, 18 July 2011

Diddling about today

Well, I went along to the studio today intending to get on with some serious painting. I was going to work from sketches as well as photos on my computer. However, there was some problem with the computer - basically it froze - and so I was left with my sketches. Ah well, c'est la vie. Instead of working seriously I just played about and finished a few things off ....well, they may be finished....
I revisited this one, adding a little pale colour and making more marks in black ink to make the wall bigger. It looks a little better, I think.
Harbourwall copyright Aileen Grant    

Darksea copyright Aileen Grant
The other picture - Darksea - I did from another piece of prepared paper - I loved the blue colour - and made it into a view of the sea at night - based on the view I get from the flat in Musselburgh. I think it turned out not too badly, but I'm still considering it.
I had a go at one new picture, based on a sketch I had done near Lochcarron. This is again done on Japanese paper which I had previously prepared wth gouache, and it turned out like this - again I'm still thinking about this one, don't think it's finished yet....
NW to Kishorn copyright Aileen Grant
I'm thinking about going sketching on Friday. I think it would be good to get some fresh ideas to work on. Till Friday......

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