Monday, 1 August 2011

Emerging pictures?

In the studio today. Was not in the best creative mood as had just been rejected by a gallery (it shall remain nameless). Ah well. Maybe it's better for me working away on my own. Of course, actually working away at painting is more important than producing a picture that somebody might like, but still... Anyway, I got to the studio and then realised that I have so many unfinished bits and pieces that I should really focus on trying to finish an oil painting or two. So I made a start with this one based on the shore at Kintyre.
Kishorn Shore (Oil) copyright Aileen Grant
This is my new style - using pencil and oils. Actually this one is mixed media. And it's better in reality than in this picture. I'm not sure if it's quite finished yet, but it's almost there, I think. So, feeling emboldened by this effort, I turned to my red picture of the Bass Rock from Seacliff (posted a couple of weeks ago), and I tried to use a similar style, using pencil to break up the areas of colour, particularly the sky. Again, it's kind of in the style of Schiele. I took that picture as far as this.
Red Bass Rock copyright Aileen Grant
I was trying to hand onto the best bits from my initial go at this picture, particularly the bits around the rock pools. It's definitely a much more interesting picture. But I'm wondering if there's too much red?  Is it 2 different pictures? I'll reflect on this for a while. I do love this view - it's my third picture of it. Anyway, I also tried to finish off one of my black and whites. I thought this one was already finished, but I had been looking at it at home and felt a bit dissatisfied with it - it looked a bit too rough and ready. So I did a bit more with ink, charcoal and acrylic  and now it looks like this.
Kishorn Boathouse copyright Aileen Grant
I'm much happier with this now and I think it may be finished. What I focused on was the edge of the beach - where the grass begins - and the seaweed trails. The ink was supposed to be a mixture of red and blue, but it seems to be mostly blue, but I think that's OK. I also tried to finish another couple of oils, but that's enough for this blog!
Now my problem is what to do next. I've not started any urban scenes following my sketches on Friday, and it may be that I want to keep focused on trees and shorelines. Time to do more sketches, I think.

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