Sunday, 4 December 2011

Lochcarron in the Cold

 Up north for the weekend, and it's pretty cold.  However, we still managed to get a few walks, and I have persevered with a bit of sketching.  Brief forays for quick charcoal sketching, one at a time, then back indoors or back into the car to warm up. There's been a cold wind - always makes for difficult sketching.

Anyway, managed a few sketches in Lochcarron itself.  This first one looking west along the shore, but omitting Slumbay for a change.  I had spotted this black hill standing out against the rest of the background (mostly grey and cold-looking), so I had a go at it.

Sketch of Lochcarron shoreline looking west copyright Aileen Grant
 I had a go later on at painting it - turned out like this....
Colour sketch of Lochcarron Shoreline looking west copyright Aileen Grant
Ok - this is not a 'real' sketch as I did it in the warmth of the cottage - but it was done almost in situ.  I do feel that the triangular hill is somewhat iconic - an important element in the setting of Lochcarron - and I think that's why I was drawn to it.  And this was an attempt to capture the gloomy colour.  I did it on dark paper with acrylic paint. It's a start.
Another sketch was Seabank Cottage again.  It was too windy to sketch it from the shore, and I've already done that a few times, so I found a view looking east back towards the cottage.

Sketch of Seabank Cottage with Boat copyright Aileen Grant
I liked the position of the upturned boat in front of the cottage, providing another splash of bright(ish) white, same as the gable, and I liked the contrast with the dark stone wall.  There were actually more poles in this picture (clothes poles and washing lines) which I've left out for the moment, but I may add these in if I do another version.

I did another sketch yesterday over at Kishorn - my favourite place - but sketching was curtailed by a heavy shower of sleet.  So this one is a bit rough and ready.  Saw an otter here too - it just scooted across the road in front of me - I was amazed!  The gloomy light was somewhat strange, making the distant hills of Skye look bigger than usual and I wanted to try and capture this.

Sketch of Kishorn Bay copyright Aileen Grant
I have not managed to capture the mistyness of the hills in this sketch.  Very difficult this, and only possible in paint, I think.  However, I have taken a photo and I'll have a go at it back in the studio.

Anyway, it's pretty cold now and snow is forecast.  Roads already seem to be bad elsewhere, and I have to drive back to Musselburgh tomorrow.  So I'm looking forward to a bit of fun, haha....

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