Monday, 2 April 2012

Half-hearted studio day

I found it difficult to work in the studio today, and frittered away the morning.  I did a bit of scribbling and a few thumbnails, and decided to continue with my corrugated iron sheds.  I returned to an earlier composition and thought I might re-draw it, but then I found a half-finished picture and pinned it up.  I decided to use blues and purples as well as graphite, charcoal and white acrylic.  I wanted to make the sea more stormy and give the picture more movement.  So it started to look like this.

Fearnamore Fishing Hut (emerging)
At this point I added more colour to the hut. I also added marks with a white conte stick.  Normally at this point I would add coloured ink, but to be honest time was getting on and I felt a bit tired, so thought I would stick with the acrylic for a change.
Fearnamore Fishing Hut (2)
By the time I got to this point, I felt it the picture was not looking too bad, so I would stop.  But maybe I could do another, slightly different. I took a clean sheet of paper and started in graphite, then oil bar and oil crayon, then added some acrylic - blue/purple, white and pewter. I quite liked the look of it at this point and paused so that I would not lose the lightness and delicacy of the colour treatment.
Fearnamore Fishing Hut (3)
I did quite like this - I think it almost looks a bit Turnerish - but I decided to try and take it a little further,and at the same time trying not to lose that delicacy.

Fearnamore Fishing Hut (3)
Now, there's bits I like about this, and bits I don't like.  I quite like the hut: I really like the rock on the right. But I also think I've lost something.  Have I gone too far (again)?   Should I have stopped earlier?  It depends what I'm trying to achieve.  If I can think more about layering the colour I will develop a better approach.  But we'll see.

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