Monday, 30 April 2012

Revisiting Lochcarron....

In the studio agian, and I thought I would try to re-do this picture of the view looking west along the front at Lochcarron.
Lochcarron waterfront 1
I needed to re-do it as I was not happy about the technical quality of the picture - i.e. it looked a bit scrappy.  So I started with charcoal.
Lochcarron waterfront 2 (emerging)
The hills look a bit like Beinn Alligin at this stage - not at all appropriate.  So I continued with rubbings out, oilbar and more charcoal.

Lochcarron waterfront 2 (emerging)
At this stage, I added ink and white acrylic.  I needed to darken down the middle hill and add some shoreline marks, as well as more work on the sea and the sky.  It ended up like this.

Lochcarron waterfront 2
I stopped at this stage to take stock.  Is it better than the original or not?  I think so, but it still looks a bit messy.  I'm continuing to work on it.

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