Friday, 24 June 2011

Last day of term - Up on Calton Hill

Today was the last day of term for the Friday Advanced Drawing and Painting Course at LSA. We were up on Calton Hill sketching. Luckily the weather was good and I think we all managed to do a few sketches despite coming under the scrutiny of the tourists. It was so busy up there! But not really surprising given the fantastic view.
Image copyright Aileen Grant

 This was a view to the south, over to the Royal Mile - over to the office where I used to work at the botton of Cockburn Street. The North Bridge is such a lovely structure with the dark area underneath it, and the profile of the Royal Mile against the sky. Anyway, I tried to capture the flavour of it here. Then I couldn't resist having a go at sketching Edinburgh's disgrace (i.e. Edinburgh's first disgrace) along with Nelson's Monument (I love that building).
Image copyright Aileen Grant
This is a big drawing - Matt had brought the drawing boards for us to use. I think I've got a little finishing off to do after discussing it with Matt, but I am relatively pleased with it. And then I tried a sketch looking north - over Leith - this was much more difficult and less successful...but here it is

Image copyright Aileen Grant

This is another big drawing - difficult to do without an easel. But worth a try. I'll definitely go back and do more sketches. It's such a great place.
Anyway - then the class went for a late lunch at Cafe Marlene in Antigua Street. It was excellent...and here we all are...

So it's bye bye class...I'm on my own now in my little box of a studio at St Margaret's House, Meadowbank. (The former office block which I recommended that planning permission should be granted for in my early planning career - Covell Matthews were the architects I seem to remember. I'm so glad it's having a new lease of life as studios.)
Anyway, I hope to keep in touch with the class through occasional visits next year. And also hope to keep in touch wth the others who will be out on their own. Lots to do!

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