Saturday, 21 January 2012

No more life drawing

It's very sad.....the life drawing sessions I was going to on a Monday evening in the Fisherrow Community Centre in Musselburgh have now finished.  Last Monday was the last time.  Two reasons - not enough interest to keep it going, and the difficulty of getting life models to come to Musselburgh on a Monday night. 

Well, I tried to make the most of the last night.
Last model 1 copyright Aileen Grant
 This was my best drawing of the evening, even tho' it was just a 20 minute drawing.  I was using a graphite stickfor drawing - I think it's quite good for life drawing - just a bit more subtle than charcoal.

A couple of my warm-up drawings were not too bad.  Here they are.
Last model 2 copyright Aileen Grant

Last model 3 copyright Aileen Grant
The one above was only a 5 minute drawing.  As usual, I would have liked more time but there's something about the pose that I like.

The final 40 minute drawing was this one.  It was not a very inspiring pose, and kinda difficult to draw, so I don't think it turned out well.  I needed extra space to capture the pose, so this drawing is over two A4 pages (hence the white line down the middle).  It has a sort of exaggerated perspective.  I'm not sure.  What do you think?
Last model 4 copyright Aileen Grant
I'm so disappointed about these sessions folding, but I must confess that I didn't go along often enough in the autumn, so I'm not entirely blameless.  A few of us think that life drawing is really important and we want to keep going at it.  I think it's great that we (of all ages and backgrounds) have this in common. So I'm going to explore other avenues.

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