Tuesday, 21 February 2012

Attadale Walk (In The Rain)

I decided to defy the elements today, and in a mood of optimism I took my sketchbook.  Went over to Attadale (luckily the road is open as far as Attadale - it's closed just beyond this point).  Sadly the day just got wetter and wetter. 

Walked up into a birchwood and started a coloured sketch....then a gust of wind tipped my pastels into the grass and bracken.  Took me ages to pick them all up again..... However, I managed to do this wee study in acrylics when I got home.  (But not sure about it.)
Birchwood study copyright Aileen Grant

I gave up any thought of sketching at that point and decided to just take photos.  These were the most interesting.

Guess what they are.. And I came very close to this guy.

There's always something to see, if you can put up with the weather.  Maybe it'll be better tomorrow....

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