Sunday, 12 February 2012

Spaces and Forms

Have been a bit distracted of late - getting the new website done, the excitement of the RSW show, and also very busy at work.  I really just want to paint, but I suppose there's no way of avoiding doing some PR. (And at the moment, still need to work 3 days.)  The three shows which are on at the RSA are really quite an inspiration - good to see such a range of contemporary work.  Anyway, getting back into the studio for a full day on Friday felt like a real luxury.  But it was hard to get back into the painting groove. 

My starting point was a pencil sketch I did on Caltonhill last year.  I thought it looked quite interesting with the contrast between the dark of the trees and the paler buildings. So I re-sketched it as a thumbnail to see how it looked.

Gayfield Trees (Thumbnail) copyright Aileen Grant
I thought this looked a strong composition, worth having a go at.  So I got a large piece of paper out and made a start.
Gayfield Trees (Emerging) copyright Aileen Grant
I quite like all the verticals in this composition - think that's what makes it interesting.  Not sure I really saw the connection betweeen these verticals when I was working on it (evidence of my degree of distraction).  I paused at this stage, not sure what to use next.
Gayfield Trees (Emerging) copyright Aileen Grant
I added some gouache and mre charcoal and white acrylic.  This had a nice looseness about it that I didn't want to lose.  Now I wanted to add a little more colour, but I have to confess that I was not clear about my palette.  I just grabbed some blue and some coloured ink.

Gayfield Trees (Emerging) copyright Aileen Grant
I still like the composition, and I think the angles of the buildings work OK, but I don't think I've got the palette to my satisfaction.  Too much blue now.  I might try it again with some underpainting to give it more interest.  Also not sure if I like the last version more than the middle version.  To be honest, I found this composition more interesting than the Victoria Street views.  I suppose I was focusing more on the spaces than the buildings and that this made it more interesting.  Maybe there was more opportunity to introduce higgledy-piggeldy-ness.  I think in my fantasy world the buildings are a bit askew.

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