Monday, 13 February 2012

Continuing the Gayfield Theme

Today in the studio I continued the theme of Friday's work and had a go at another version of the Gayfield Trees composition.  I thought it would be more interesting with a bit more colour so decided to do some underpainting in gouache (magenta and naples yellow), then I drew into it with charcoal and graphite stick, then added a little blue gouache.

Emerging Gayfield Trees copyright Aileen Grant
In the composition, I had accentuated the angles of the buildings, and was also thinking about the link between the verticals - the columns, the trees and the building on Leopold Place.  So I drew into it further.
Emerging Gayfield Trees copyright Aileen Grant
Actually, looking at this now, this looks kinda interesting - I particularly like the trees. But I was not happy with the colour and carried on, wanting to simplify the colour treatment, adding white and off-white acrylic and more drawing and black ink.

Emerging Gayfield Trees copyright Aileen Grant
I did a bit more to this before finishing, but it was too dark to photgraph...added another car I feel as if I'm getting somewhere with my urban series.  Almost ready to do a proper picture.  But now I'm about to go up north for a few days, so I'll be having a little break from the urban scenes, back to the landscapes.

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